Health Coaching – 20 Days


Instructions to begin your Health Coaching service will be emailed to you at the time of payment.

During check-out, please provide an accurate cell phone number that you intend to use for Kevin Forey Health Coaching. Your order is associated with the cell phone number provided during check-out.

Your subscription start date begins at the time of your first photo submission and not at the time of payment. There are no recurring fees or contracts. This is a one-time purchase.



If you’re looking for help with your day-to-day decisions, subscribe to Kevin Forey’s Health Coaching to receive individualized food feedback. Use your smart phone to send photos of your grocery cart, refrigerator, pantry, or the meal in front of you. Shortly thereafter, you will receive personalized feedback. With your subscription, you can send unlimited photos of your weekly meals, snacks, work cafeteria, and more. Expect to receive a response within 1-2 hours during business hours. All submissions generally receive responses within 24 hours. Your subscription start date begins at the time of your first photo submission.

Disclaimer and Terms of Service:
The purpose of this service is to provide general feedback regarding dietary choices in the context of health and wellness. In compliance with state medical laws, this service is not intended to diagnose or treat medical illness. The Health Coaching service offered by Kevin Forey Health Coaching LLC does not represent the practice of medicine and no physician patient relationship is established. This service is not intended to provide medical advice, treatment, diagnosis, or interpretation of testing. No medications will be prescribed and no labs, imaging, or testing will be ordered.